Financial Benefits of Positive Thinking

How successful or not you are in life will be largely dependant on your personal beliefs about what the world is and what you deserve to get back. Far too many people are raised with a sense of entitlement and believe that the world owes them something.

This is not entirely their fault and is, in large part, a product of how they were raised.

If a child is brought up in an environment that continually reinforces the notion that they are great, they are better, and they are destined for bigger things, then it is surely going to be an unhealthy environment for the child.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your child positive affirmation and encouraging them, but that is something that is different than regularly implanting the idea that they are special.

As the child grows older, they will encounter problems with their social interactions. These problems will be a direct cause of the sense of entitlement that was instilled in them by their parents.

Problems Eventually Get Worse

These issues will only become exacerbated as they develop and will have a huge impact on all aspects of their lives.

One area where this will be particularly acute is the area of money and finance. How one interacts and feels about money, wealth, and poverty, is a direct result of how they were raised and what they saw around them.

It can be tough for an individual to shake their negative and limiting beliefs about money and in some extreme cases, they will need to find a mentor.

The mentor will help them realize that money is not something that should be feared, coveted or despised. It is a tangible sign that you are doing well and succeeding in life, which is something that everybody would agree, is a positive thing.

Achieving independence through wealth can be a very empowering emotion, and it can have a knock-on effect on other areas of your life.

Time to Make a Decision

How an individual decides to achieve their wealth will be a matter for them to decide, but there are various ways that other people are reaching their goals.

The Forex market is one that has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few decades. It is now much easier for small investors to enter the market and is no longer exclusively the purvue of the wealthy and elite.

The positive energy that a person can derive from experiencing wealth by trading the Forex market can be exhilarating. It is by no means and easy path to wealth, but it is something that can be done by the average person.

To fully reap the rewards though it is crucial that you find a qualified professional who has a track record of winning. Statistics show that only 5% of those who try to make it as a Forex trader will be successful.

What is it that distinguishes those who are successful from those who are not?

The Ultimate Answer to Achieving Wealth

The answer to the question is complicated, and there are many differing opinions. One thing that is common amongst the winners is that they turned to a Forex mentor, to help them understand the intricacies of the financial markets.

Achieving your goals in life will require a positive attitude and strong, professional guidance. Your personal beliefs may need to be set aside, and you will have to embrace what your instructor is telling you.

If you follow their advice, you are well on your way to becoming a member of one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet. The 5% club and the club of winners in Forex.

The Power of our Thoughts

When I was a boy growing up in Ohio, my father gave me some sage advice. He looked at me one day as I was about 13 and said, “Son, you are what you think about all day long.” Remember, I was 13 years old. When he said this to me, it scared me to death. I went around for the next three weeks thinking I was a girl! What else does a 13-year-old boy think about? Girls!!! Even though I was not grasping the true meaning of what he was saying, the statement he made was and is very true. You will become what your thoughts are.

You will go where your thoughts take you. If you think bad, evil or negative thoughts all day, your actions will follow your thoughts in that direction. If you think positive, happy, and enthusiastic thoughts all day, your actions will follow those thoughts as well. Thoughts turn into words. Words turn into actions. Actions turn into consequences. However, it all starts with what we think about all day long.

The key is not using your words to describe your situation, but using your words to change your situation. There are two sides of the fence- positive thoughts and negative thoughts. If someone is always thinking negative, than that’s the direction that their life, actions, and deeds will become. A study from Harvard University found that over 70% of the time we are lost in thought. We are either thinking about something that happened to us or something that will happen to us. The challenge is to look forward not backward. The challenge is to look forward and look positively not negatively. When you let negative thoughts infiltrate your mind on a daily basis, it is a natural thing that those thoughts will steal your dreams and prevent you from accomplishing all that you were meant to accomplish.


“I could never do that,” that is what’s going to happen. Negative thoughts are a disease. I call it “NIM”- Negative Infection of the Mind. This disease can kill your dreams, kill your hopes, and effectively kill the purpose that you were put on earth for. The battle of the mind is very real and we must take it seriously. How do we prevent negative thoughts from infiltrating our mind and stealing our dreams? We have to train our thinking to find the positive in situations. Believe me, this is not easy to do sometimes. If you are a realist like I am, then it is easy to pick out the negative things.

I learned something about myself while completing a licensing deal for American Fighter clothing. My business partner (founder of American Fighter Jeff Adler) and I once left a meeting in the early stages of growing the American Fighter clothing brand. The company gave us a $5,000 advance and a royalty to license the name American Fighter. Jeff and I went to lunch afterward. He was extremely excited about the deal. I, on the other hand, was walking to the restaurant chewing someone out on the phone because of a situation. There were two different reactions to the deal.

Jeff looked at me and said, “What the hell is wrong with you? Shouldn’t you be happy?” I thought about this because it really bothered me. Why was I so negative when I should be happy? I came to the conclusion that I am wired a little different, and I expect to win all the time. We had just won on a deal, but because I EXPECT to always win, there was no excitement or jubilation. I get really emotional when I lose on a deal. Therefore, winning is not a big deal because I expect to win. Losing IS a big deal because I hate it.

I had to learn to not be so negative when losing a deal, and allow myself to be happy and positive when a deal went my way. I had to change my thinking. I had to allow myself to be more positive and I had to put the negative box aside. Believe me, greater things happen to someone who is living positive then someone with the negative anchor around there neck. I am living proof that negative thoughts will cause you stress and undue problems. Becoming more positive makes a world of difference in how you approach the day, and how much you are able to accomplish. We have all heard the saying, “look on the bright side.” Having that “bright side” mentality- the positive can-do attitude- is essential in achieving our hopes dreams and goals.


I am overall a very positive person- probably a 70% to 30% ratio. What is your ratio? Nobody is 100% positive all the time. This is real life. There will be setbacks there will be disappointments. There will be some down times. Teaching your brain and your spirit to be positive is essential to overcoming less than ideal or tough situations when you experience them. Learning to be thankful is a vital key to learning to be positive. This will put you in the right mindset to help you tackle the rest of the day. Why??? Because you are what you think about all day long.

1-What are you thankful for? Make a list every morning before you go to work of three things you’re thankful for and then meditate on those three things on your commute to work.

2- Can you use the power of the tongue to uplift others? Make it a point to compliment three people throughout the day. You can compliment them on anything you see them doing that is positive. People love to be encouraged.

3- Are you willing to reach out to others and share your positive vibes? Three times a month send out an email or better yet a handwritten card to someone and let them know that you appreciate them.

These three things will help build a foundation so you can be a positive thinker and a positive influence in others.

Personal Struggle With Depression

Shifa (name changed) talks about her journey from post natal depression to being free of depression.”I am penning down my thoughts so that I don’t forget…the paranoia, the hopelessness, the inability to relate to or trust anyone, the utter dependence on someone else to reassure you about your own thoughts.”

When l fell pregnant with my first child, I anticipated many things. But what I hadn’t been prepared for was the depression. The chaos in my  mind where  I felt trapped by my own thoughts. The normal everyday things that I used to take for granted became so difficult that I would wonder how I existed before.

My depression got so bad that I had to take antidepressants and undergo psychotherapy. I kept a diary of what I used to think during those days. Its only now after 7 years of the episode that I am able to talk about it.


I felt unable to relate to my son at an emotional level. The only way I could connect with him was by physically holding him and kissing him. I would see him smile and know that I liked to see that but did not feel it. My husband tried to cheer me up and take me out but I would be unable to appreciate anything. It was as if there was an empty void inside of me.

I saw the beauty of nature, appreciated it at an intellectual level but it evoked no feelings. Whereas earlier I would be ecstatic in the lap of nature. The sound of the gushing river, the fragrance of the flowers, the rustling of the leaves would be like a balm to my soul.

I would get paranoid about everything and everyone. Not enough for it to be a delusion but close enough to be scary.I used to feel so tired of having to monitor my thoughts. Things would take on a negative connotation in my mind no matter how hard I tried for it to be otherwise. I kept on fighting myself or rather my thoughts.

It was around this time that I started turning to religion. Primarily because I found it so hard to trust anyone. It provided me with a rope to hold on to. I felt that even if everyone left me, God wouldn’t and that was my biggest support.

Sometimes I would feel unable to deal with life. A great despondency would overwhelm me and I would feel adrift in a turbulent sea of emotions. I would hold on to my faith as I felt it was my only anchor

For more help on depression and how God can help you please visit this page.


Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:6-8

Life often seems to overflow with trials and challenges. Yet, even when there is no imminent threat on the horizon, many of us worry and fret over things we fear may happen. We live in dread of the “what ifs…”What if I don’t get something I want with all of my heart? What if I lose my job or get sick or someone I trust betrays me? What if I lose a game, a relationship, a business contract, or a place on the team? As we work on strengthening our relationship with the Lord, letting go of our desires and truly believing that God is in control; that He cherishes us; and will work all things together for our good despite what appears to be evidence to the contrary can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Yet, while difficult – it can be done and the reward is undoubtedly worth the effort. When we reach a place in our hearts of total dependence on the Lord – we achieve true liberation! We learn to shift our desires away from the temporal things of the world to the real treasure God desires for us.


Imagine yourself resting securely in the palm of God’s hand. As God considers the details and circumstances of your life, He deliberately arranges them for the purpose of nurturing your spiritual development. He knows the lessons needed to position you to serve Him effectively and how your choices of whether or not to claim these opportunities will impact your life for all of eternity. He knows what is best for you and He wants to bless you. However, since we tend to become distracted by worldly values and the many activities which compete for our attention, God sometimes finds it necessary to pry our fingers off of the idols we treasure in order to give us what we need. If you have ever witnessed a toddler throw a tantrum because he was not allowed to play with something his mother knew to be a danger to him, you can envision the way our reactions often appear to God. We waste precious time clamoring and crying over something that would only hurt us if we were allowed to possess it.


Whatever challenge is worrying you today, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Is what I am convinced I desperately need in this situation something with eternal value or temporary value? Would God agree with my assessment?” and adjust your thinking about it accordingly. Either way, the God who laid the foundations of the earth, established the cycles of nature, and breathed life into your body is certainly capable of taking care of His beloved child. Resolve to make changes in this area today. Lay down the fears that are keeping you awake at night and your stomach in knots and entrust them to God. Just as the toddler eventually learns that Mom and Dad were right, one day all will be made clear and you will also understand how deeply and faithfully you have been loved by your Father.