Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:6-8

Life often seems to overflow with trials and challenges. Yet, even when there is no imminent threat on the horizon, many of us worry and fret over things we fear may happen. We live in dread of the “what ifs…”What if I don’t get something I want with all of my heart? What if I lose my job or get sick or someone I trust betrays me? What if I lose a game, a relationship, a business contract, or a place on the team? As we work on strengthening our relationship with the Lord, letting go of our desires and truly believing that God is in control; that He cherishes us; and will work all things together for our good despite what appears to be evidence to the contrary can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Yet, while difficult – it can be done and the reward is undoubtedly worth the effort. When we reach a place in our hearts of total dependence on the Lord – we achieve true liberation! We learn to shift our desires away from the temporal things of the world to the real treasure God desires for us.


Imagine yourself resting securely in the palm of God’s hand. As God considers the details and circumstances of your life, He deliberately arranges them for the purpose of nurturing your spiritual development. He knows the lessons needed to position you to serve Him effectively and how your choices of whether or not to claim these opportunities will impact your life for all of eternity. He knows what is best for you and He wants to bless you. However, since we tend to become distracted by worldly values and the many activities which compete for our attention, God sometimes finds it necessary to pry our fingers off of the idols we treasure in order to give us what we need. If you have ever witnessed a toddler throw a tantrum because he was not allowed to play with something his mother knew to be a danger to him, you can envision the way our reactions often appear to God. We waste precious time clamoring and crying over something that would only hurt us if we were allowed to possess it.


Whatever challenge is worrying you today, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Is what I am convinced I desperately need in this situation something with eternal value or temporary value? Would God agree with my assessment?” and adjust your thinking about it accordingly. Either way, the God who laid the foundations of the earth, established the cycles of nature, and breathed life into your body is certainly capable of taking care of His beloved child. Resolve to make changes in this area today. Lay down the fears that are keeping you awake at night and your stomach in knots and entrust them to God. Just as the toddler eventually learns that Mom and Dad were right, one day all will be made clear and you will also understand how deeply and faithfully you have been loved by your Father.